Showbox Official Post

Genres Free Video Players & Editors APP
Version 5.34 & 5.35
Developer Showbox
Requires 4.0 and up
Size 37.5 MB
MOD FeaturesPRO features Unlocked

Ultimate guide to Download Showbox 5.35 for Android – APK Version

So, you’re the one who can’t make through 24 hours without an episode? And tend to get high on a whole season? And so that streaming app is as important as oxygen to you?

Well, what if I tell you it’s going down any minute? What if I tell you, it wasn’t paid enough attention and might hang up on that very climax moment, leaving you breathless and betrayed for God-knows-what amount of time? That sounds like a nightmare. Doesn’t it?

To battle the very same kind demonic thoughts and terrifying fears of yours, Showbox is here to provide an uninterrupted, safe, and almost magically smooth watching and streaming experience to you!

Still, if you’re confused about what exactly is show box? And why should you believe these claims? Then, wonder no more. This comprehensively compiled post beholds answers to all your queries. So, let’s dive in!

What is Showbox 5.35?

Showbox is a streaming application that grants one access to all the paid/unpaid movies, TV shows, and cartoons. It is like having Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube all in one place but free. You can watch all the latest movies, trending TV shows, and even videos for absolutely free. However, Showbox provides all the pirated material. Also, the application is only accessible through third-party platforms or sites. 

Updated on 28 August 2018, Showbox 5.35 is the latest version available in the APK file type. It requires a minimum of Android 4 to function and occupies 39.1MB of storage. This particular version comes with a greater variety of movies, shows, videos, and music.

Who Can Use it?

Everyone! Yes, that’s it! Showbox APK is fit for use for anyone, everyone, anywhere, and everywhere. Developers of the application have been thoughtful enough to make the app available to users of various devices and in various locations without any security issues. As of yet, like most other streaming apps, there are no age-related or any such restrictions on the usage of the app. That’s because the media you view using the app does not belong to the developers or manufacturers. Thus, the app remains free of any content liabilities and is only a gateway to access unlimited and all sorts of content.

Previous Releases – At a Glance

Showbox has had a moderately long history of updates. The developers may not appear on the front line, but they do realize the user’s need and seem to cater it almost immediately with new content every week! The following previously released Showbox versions have had a few functionality issues, which then lead to the release of Showbox 5.35.

  • Showbox V4.7
  • Showbox V4.71
  • Showbox V4.72
  • Showbox V4.8
  • Showbox V4.81
  • Showbox V4.82
  • Showbox V5.06
  • Showbox V5.11
  • Showbox V5.23
  • Showbox V5.24
  • Showbox V5.28
  • Showbox V5.34

Highlights of the Latest Version

Although the concept of the application alone has gained thousands of loyal users, the latest version of Showbox APK has further strengthened those ties. Here is a breakdown of Showdown 5.35 version’s features:

  1. No Hidden Charges– The best part about Showdown is that it not only provides free media content but has no hidden charges and requirement of micropayments. You get everything free for all the years to come!
  • Regular Updates –Show box automatically updates the application with the latest movies, shows, and videos. You don’t need to update the application yourself and wait for the process overnight. Showbox’s latest version will do it all for you!
  • Offline Streaming -There’s no limit to the content you download! With a single click, you have all the favorite media content on your phone for free.
  • High-Quality Content -Yes, the previous versions did not feature a smooth streaming process. But, now you can watch anything without buffering, interruptions, and irritating ads.
  • User-Friendly Design -The Showbox ensures that you do not face any obstacle while watching. Hence, there is no need to sign up, make accounts, remember passwords, and browse through a long list while searching for that specific movie. Open the application, type the desired media content on the search engine, and start watching now!

How to Download?

As mentioned earlier, developers have made the app available for users of various devices. Be it, PC, iOS, or Android. However, in this guide, we will shed light on the available options for the majority, i.e., Android Users. Below is a step by step guide for Showbox download for your mobile device.


 For your android mobile device, the procedure of Showbox download is as follows:

  1. Access the Security section in your phone settings and enable Unknown Sources. As you slide the button, you grant permission to your phone to download things from external sources whenever you command it to do so.

(Note: Do not panic! The term unknown here refers to the sites and sources that are unknown to your phone. Most phones are only programmed to identify and trust Apple or Google Play Store.)

  • Now, you need a link from a trusted website to download the app. Note that Showbox is not available on Playstore. So, your best option is to trust a good site. Some sites even provide a QR code for downloading the Showbox app.
  • Download and let the application get installed. Depending on your connection, it’ll take only a few minutes. Also, you may have to agree to the Terms and Conditions to allow the installation process to begin.
  • After installation completes, you can turn it on and explore and enjoy the application.
  • One of the best practices of using Showbox is to keep updating the app. Even if it asks for an update when you open it up for the first time, do not hesitate to do so. Updating eliminates annoying bugs, and that’s certainly a plus!

 In case of server errors, you can download it through a VPN server of your choice. Make sure you clear junk and Data before restarting the app.

What’s the big deal about Bug Fixes?

Bug refers to the issues in the application’s functionality. Previously, the Showbox came with a fair amount of bugs. However, the Showbox 5.35 APK version solves all those bugs as well as adds a few unique specifications.

  1. Music on the go– In the older version, one could only access movies, shows, and videos. But, this update comes with an added feature of music. Now, you can enjoy music alongside other media anywhere.
  2. Augmented Interface- The redesigned application brings forward better functionality by increasing the responsiveness. Also, the developers have resolved the bug regarding the placement of the floating button. You can browse through the app with more convenience and speed.
  3. Downloads-Previous users have reported the bug concerning downloading that was too time-consuming and often paused without prior notice. The bug got fixed in the Showbox 5.35 version.
  4. Newer Features- Now, you can also manually set language preference. Also, the unique games feature means that you can enjoy challenging games anywhere and anytime. There is even a Track your Friend feature allows one to know about a friend’s streaming history.